How to choose the right Career Path


At some point in our lives, we would need to make a difference in the world by contributing to the society. This is the reason we were born, the reason we are existing. Great cities and economies are made possible by the collective efforts of humans. Can you think of the characteristics of great cities and economies? Hmmm….ok let me help add to your thoughts. Some of these characteristics includes, good and an amazing road network and modern forms of transportation that eases movements, metropolitan cities and amazing building plan, high-quality education system, high level of security, effective exchange and world-class medical and health facilities rate Of cause a city needs healthy people who can work towards making it great. This is just to mention a few. The characteristics mentioned can be broken down into sectors. These sectors would not prosper and make a great nation if we do not have people in there to make it work. This is how relevant every human that have been born on earth is. Functioning in any of these sector is having a career.

A career is a particular line of work a person does that earns an income, requires education or training and keeps society running.

Every career is relevant and important for every society to develop. However, there’s a particular range of career that is right for you, that means a career profession that aligns with your skills, interests, personality and values. Choosing the right career path is choosing a career path that best suits you. If you do not chose the career path that best suits you, you will not be happy and fulfilled. An unhappy and an unfulfilled person cannot be productive. When we have unproductive people in the society, it affects the prosperity of that society.

How then do I choose the right career path?

Professional Career counselors recommend that settling on just one occupation in high school isn’t necessary but looking into the types of careers you might like can help set you up for success. What you need to do now, is to know how to explore careers and put time into investigating them and learning about their skills and interests.  It is the duty of a career guardian and counselor to guide you into choosing the right career path. They help in exploring your interests, put you through relevant knowledge and information of various career professions, they also recommend things you can start doing now, such as skills to acquire, subjects/courses to offer, education and training options.

There are a lot of things to discover about your amazing self. Teen Africa Career Leap TACL is an arm of Teen Africa Academy. We have qualified and experienced career Guardian and Counselor that can help you with your career path journey so you can get it right early and become a happy and fulfilled adult. It promises to be an exciting journey. You can send an email to, call this number 07064388544 or click here to fill our form start immediately.



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