Paying attention to your fingernails

Paying Attention to your Fingernails

Fingernails and toes may seem minimal in the list of things to be conscious about in our beauty care regime but when you meet somebody and shake hands or discuss something with your peers most especially when you gesticulate,you can’t help your hands and fingernails go unnoticed. The state of your fingernails say a lot about us. People who pay attention to their nails by having them kept neat are truly neat people because, really paying attention to that minute part of our body is usually ignored. By succeeding in keeping our fingernails neat we attract secret admirers *Winks*.

We have compiled some tips in maintaining our nail beauty. Guys don’t think you are left out. You too need to have your nails cared for.

  1. Never bite your fingernails. This is not only unhygienic but it leaves your nails jagged, curved, disgusting to the sight.  You can always add this to your beauty goal if you are struggling with this habit
  2. Use a nail file properly. Don’t do a sawing motion on your nails. Sawing motion on your nails create tears on your nails and skin. The proper way is to file in the same direction.
  3. While trimming your nails, don’t try to clip the nail in one cut. Use multiple cuts till the nail is trimmed to get a proper shape.
  4. Don’t keep too long nails. You don’t want to look like Dracula’s ancient cousin or the villian in Disney fairy tales movies
  5.  Just like you wash your face everyday you should also keep your nails clean by washing them. You can use a small brush with soap and water to achieve this.
  6. Never! Please! Cut your nails with a razor blade. This is the reason most of our nails have an uneven shape. uneven shaped nails make our fingernails ugly.
  7. As a teenager if you are to coat your nail with a nail polish we recommend neutral or light colored polish.Enjoy the vibe in your age by looking like a teenager. Most adults wish to become teenagers again. You are so envied.

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