Why you should Participate in Competitions

Why you should Participate in Competitions

Participating in competitions ranging from sports to academics and creative/entertainment competition is not something you should fret from. Yes we have an idea of somethings that may keep you away from competitions. It could be that, you don’t even have access to information of competitions and how you can participate, another is the feeling of not been good enough to participate, and the usually ultimate reason which is the fear of failing and been ridiculed, oh no how embarrassing. How do I stand in front of that crowd to answer a question, to be auditioned, to win that race and score that goal? it’s really not all that easy you say. This is the very reason you should participate in  competitions to overcome all these negative and unhealthy thoughts. Competition isn’t all about winning.

There are a lot to gain other than just winning when you go for competitions.

“Oh really I thought you must always have to win or be among the finalist at least when you go for competitions, I mean this is what everyone expects of me when I go to participate” This could be your thought. Your reason for wanting to win a competition can affect the outcome of your status in the competition. Another question you should ask yourself is “why do I want to win the star prize in this competition” You would be getting it all wrong if it’s to prove to Raphael that you are better than he is. Let’s show you why winning a competition is not the only benefit, there’s more to participating.

Firstly, competition will help you become a better adult by teaching you how to handle failure. What do I mean by handling failure? The truth is that you can not always win at everything in life. Some people commit suicide when they are not able to handle a situation.  When you engage in some competitions for the very first time, you probably won’t come out to be a winner immediately.

You will probably fail a fair amount of times before you get your first award, this makes it even very more interesting.

At this stage you will learn an important life lesson that it takes a ton of effort to get a star prize, and that it was totally worth it. You might cry a couple of times when you lose. crying doesn’t make you weak, it makes you stronger.

You become motivated and determined to do better next time. it makes you practice more and study more. Losing does not make you a failure. You become a failure when you do not persevere by trying again next time. Just like Abraham Lincoln, who was one of the best president America got in the past was defeated severally in getting an appointment in political posts. He failed a lot of times but never stopped trying. Do you know it is better you fail on time so you can win early enough. Get over it buddy, it’s OK to  fail but you must continue to strive to come out successful.

Competitions usually involves giving a judge a solution to challenging problems, it requires you to think. Competition will help you start experiencing challenges. It is a great advantage to start learning how to adapt to challenges at this very early stage of your life.

The world and society is full of challenges. Only people who can adapt and tackle challenges in life excel. Participating in competition will give you a chance to tackle problems and expose you to more problems you do not encounter in your school or classroom.Can you think of some of the problems in the world? We need you to come up with possible solutions of dealing with terrorism, rape and violence, cure to diseases, poverty and hunger. You can start developing your problem solving skills by participating in competitions.

Also, Participating in competition, will help you evaluate your strength and weaknesses “Oh i never knew my voice sounds so cool when i speak to a large audience, Oh no I yell at my team mate when he is opposing my view, that’s too bad” These are the possible things and lots more you discover about yourself and you work on them. This way, you become a better adult.

Finally, this is the part I love the most. Participating in competitions will give you an exposure of people from different culture and environment. You widen your social circles and broaden your horizons. Been social is a cool thing and doesn’t make you an unserious teenager. This is because it will help you to be bold and outspoken. It will also help you make cool friends of like minds. In this process, your interpersonal skills, social skills and communication skills is improved.

We expect you after reading this article to include participating in competitions as part of your goals. Be bold to enter for any competition, maximize any competition entry. You can  get access to information on competitions, how to participate in them and preparing for competitions by subscribing on our website and checking our blog frequently.

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