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Sulley Amin Abubakar

According to health reports, 4 million people die from cooking fuel inhalation every year and most of these victims are in Sub-Saharan African.

Sulley Amin Abubakar is the founder of Zaacoal a fast growing start up in Ghana. Zaacoal is a green charcoal from biodegradable waste. It company that turns biodegradable wastes to smokeless, odouress, and environmentally friendly fuel for cooking and other heat needs.

A lot of people used charcoal gotten from felling and burning of forest trees in Sub-Sahara countries. Ghana at the turn of millennium had a forest cover of 8.5million hectares, but this has reduced to 1.2million hectares as at 2008 according to forestry commission, this is largely attributed to the charcoal industry.

Sulley Amin saw this challenge and became innovative by recycling city waste to green coal, which he named Zaacoal.

Sulley Amin said:

Growing up in the Brong Ahafo region, I used to go to farm with my grandmother, the headache wasn’t the activity on the farm but the carrying of firewood to be used for cooking was. I remember we had to carry heavy loads on our heads for long distances. And the next challenge was getting the fire up. This could take hours and several tactics just to get our fire lit.

Zaacoal is almost smokeless, it is cheap.

Sulley now exports Zaacoal to other countries

Sulley Amin’s innovation has really contributed in solving the problem of global warming and cleaner energy.

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