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Hello guys! Welcome to fashion Friday. Today, we would be talking about the latest trend in fashion. Therefore,  our trending fashion for the day is….drum rolls “THE CROCS” aka “THE UGLY SHOES” lol.

What a weird name right? Well I thought so too! So I made research and I found out the name “Crocs” was conceived by tree friends Scott Seamans, George Boedecker, and  Lyndon Hanson, who after adding a strap behind the shoes realized it looks similar to a crocodile and the name “Crocs” was born!!! Interesting stuff right? The crocs, usually being reserved for dads who loves outdoor chores or that friend that has given up on Life (LOL) but don’t let the word leave you behind dearies! The Ugly Shoes are back in trend. Wondering how an ugly shoe can be trendy? Well these colourful perforated foam shoes are very fancy and still in style.

Gone are the days when crocs are reserved for cleaning the garage, lounging in your living room or running around in the garden. Today, crocs are everywhere! And when I mean everywhere, I mean fashion runway and the feet of fashionistas. Here are some events and tips on how you can rock your crocs too with some picture attached for inspiration

  1. Sport Activities turn heads with an unforgettable fashion statement as you step into the school’s field looking sporty and stylish in your crocs.
  2. Hangouts Ever been stuck between being overdressed and under dressed? Let crocs come to the rescue! Wear a cute blouse or a shirt underneath a denim jacket and a jean paired with crocs and you are ready to go!
  3. The beach We all know how frustrating it gets when we find sands stuck in our shoes minimizing our fun at the beach. Crocs brings comfortability in style, with it’s perforated design there’s no way sand is getting in, so much fun for us Yaay!!!
  4. Shopping shopping is made easy thanks to crocs. You will agree with me that walking round a big supermarket in the comfort of your croc is a blessing.

Well, that’s that on the trending shoe “Crocs” still think it’s an ugly shoe? No I don’t think you do, so join the trend, get yourselves a pair of crocs this weekend and rock on in your style. We are very much interested in seeing how you would rock in your new pair of crocs, take fancy pictures and send on whatsapp 07054231823, 07064388544 to this number, BBM pin 7AF4BE9A or send to our email address Whoever has the best style will be acknowledged in the next edition of FASHION FRIDAY and a refund of the crocs bought will be given back to you. Be creative Be unique Be original.

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