The International Science Olympiad


This is an annual science competition for secondary school students across the globe. It has been on for decades. The aim of the ISO are to promote a career in science from around the world and to compare the various teaching systems of each country. Over 100 countries in the world participate in this interesting science competition. Another interesting thing about ISO is that, you get to compete with your peer from different races in the world, you interact with people of different cultures and tribes and make new friends, exciting isn’t it?

In several countries, achieving a high ranking in any ISO guarantees access to a university of your choice. Nigeria and other African country participate in this big competition event as well.

There are 13 International Science Olympiads to date. They include

The International Mathematical Olympiad

The International Physics Olympiad

The International Chemistry Olympiad

The International Olympiad in Informatics

The International Biology Olympiad

The International Philosophy Olympiad

The International Astronomy Olympiad

The International Geography Olympiad

The International Linguistics Olympiad

The International Junior Science Olympiad

The International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics

The International Earth Science Olympiad

To participate in any of these International Olympiads, you would have to qualify in your country (National level). The body responsible for organizing the National Olympiads in Nigeria is the National Mathematics Centres (NMC). The NMC selects 4 – 5 successful students across the 36 states in Nigeria for each category and sponsor them to the competition.

Nigeria presently participate in 5 categories of the International Science Olympiad. These categories include

The International Mathematics Olympiad

The International Physics Olympiad

The International Chemistry Olympiad

The International Biology Olympiad and

The International Olympiad in Informatics.



The IMO is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High school students.

The 58th International Mathematical Olympiad will be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 12 – 23 July 2017. Students from several countries will come together to solve challenging mathematical problems in a friendly competition.

117 countries from the various continent of the world participate annually. 109 countries participated last year (2016).  Last year, Hong Kong was the host country.

Here is an opportunity to meet other students like you from different countries in the world with many different cultures. Your good brains can help you get there. Start preparing now so you can qualify to participate.


The Annual Global Physics competition for Secondary school students which is The 48th International Physics Olympiad will be held in Yogoyakarta, Indonesia 16th – 24th July 2017.

This competition involves individual theoretical and experiments. You can access past questions and solutions here to have an idea what to expect and help you prepare excellently


The 49th International Chemistry Olympiad will be held in Nakhon Pathom,Thailand, 6th – 15th July 2017.

It would feature world’s most talented chemistry students at the secondary school level. Team of 4 students each from a country will be tested on their chemistry knowledge and skills in a 5 hour laboratory practical and 5 hour written theoretical examination. The event is intended to stimulate interest in chemistry through independent and creative solving problems.

You can access past questions and solutions to have an idea what to expect and help you prepare excellently.


The IBO is the Annual World Championship Biology Competition for high school students. The 28th International Biology Olympiad will be held at Coventry, United Kingdom July 23rd – July 30th 2017.

The IBO is a friendly competition for secondary school students, who are winners of their respective National Biology Olympiad. It is a unique opportunity for young biologists in secondary schools to display their talents.

The IBO aims to promote a career in science for talented students and to stress the importance of biology in our current society.

The competition requires skills in tackling biological problems and dealing with biological experiments.

You can access past questions here to help you prepare better


The 29th International Olympiad in Informatics will be held in Tehran, Iran July 28th – August 4th 2017.

The IOI bring together talented students from different countries and enables them share scientific and cultural experiences.

The main objective of the IOI is to promote an interest in IT among students and to develop IT on the school curriculum.


The National Mathematical Centre is the main organizer of all the Olympiads in Nigeria (except International Junior Science Olympiad) including the Nigerian National Biology Olympiad.

There are Three rounds;

First round – November – January of the Next year

Second round – January/February – March

Third round – March – April

The Schools involved are as follows;

(a) The Federal Unity Secondary Schools

(b) State Owned Secondary Schools

(c) Mission Secondary Schools

(d) Private / Individually Owned Secondary Schools

Final round/ selection

Top 30 students are camped at the National Mathematical Centre. they are trained and then given Olympiad standard tests to select the best four students.

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