Dealing with Bullying



You don’t feel like going to school at times not because your history note isn’t complete, your biology assignment hasn’t been done, and you don’t have your atlas map for geography class. We do not feel like going to school most of the time because there is just one person or some clique in that school that makes it unbearable for you; THE BULLY. School becomes even more unbearable when you are in the same class with the bully. He or she sets you up with other teachers and students, you get into trouble. Even when you have an evidence against such bully, you are so scared to tender it to the school authority.

He/she stares at you into your eyeball and you quickly withdraw because if you dare to do anything you would only worsen the issue and probably get into more trouble with the bully. The bully takes your lunch from you and you are left to be hungry, gives you an impossible task, hits & punches you at times or every time, uses psychological control, insults you verbally and tease you which is usually the most disturbing of all.

It is even more depressing if you have a crush on your bully, you get shunned and feel like you don’t deserve anything because you are nothing. Oh now you really think you can never get away with bullies?

You think there’s no way to deal with it? “O yea! I would just have to wait till I am done with school, better still I wish my bully dies or leave the school or I just leave the school then”  this is a big problem and I don’t think you should run from problems; you got to deal with it. You are at risk of mental health problems such as low self-esteem, stress, depression anxiety and suicide if you do not push these bullies out of your way.

Here are ways to handle a bully

  1. Talk to a trusted adult it could be your teacher in school you know have you in his best interest or your parent or a coach. These adults are experienced and passed through this teen phase of life so trust me if you don’t need to be scared the bully is going to find out that you told them. They understand bullying cases and know what to do about the case without the bully ever learning how they found out about it.
  2. Always try to avoid being alone bullies work best and are more powerful when their subject, you is alone. They hardly bully you when you are with people
  3. Step up your game now this is the part I like best. Do not always get cozy when you get bullied, you will only make the bully feel more powerful. Now that you know the bully, study his/her weaknesses. When he/she snaps at you, you use his/her weaknesses to snap back. It shuts them up and they spot you are no longer an easy prey to feed on. Find out one thing you are good at in school, bank on this, and be better at it. It would make your confidence level to rise. Confidence repels bullies away from you. Bullies usually like to go after the timid and shy ones. When they begin to sense your confidence level increased, the bully feels less powerful, leaves you alone and moves on to the next prey to bully.

Bullies always find something to pick on at you. You may want to be part of the fun clique in your school and the clique looks at you as not being up to their standard; yes you might not have their standard, but you have a standard which is unique and can out-stand theirs.

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