International Relations

International Relations

The continents of the world are miles away from each other, so also are countries in the world miles away from each other. Yet you find two or more countries doing trade together; buying from each other and selling for each other, just like in Nigeria where crude oil raw material is sold to other countries. You hear of interesting events like European League football cup, the Olympics, World Cup, Miss world and miss Tourism beauty pageant and then you wonder how several countries with different background, culture and language come together to host such beautiful events. One of the major factors that contributes to the beauty and uniqueness of these events is the coming together of different races all across the world; diversity of people.

When you participate or attend any international events you meet different people, the way you speak as an African would be interesting to an American or an Asian. Also, when you think of historical events like the World War I and II you wonder how war between many nations began and how it ended eventually. International relations play a key role in all of these events aforementioned.

International relations gives us a greater understanding of the world in which we live and work. It helps to avoid wars, international conflicts and ensures international peace. International relations is all about maintaining good relationships between groups, countries, organizations. It deals a lot with interacting with any kind of person across the globe.

If you like to travel, meet people from other countries, learn and speak different languages, interested in helping people to be at peace with each other by settling disputes, love to be a voice to the poor or an activist on anything you strongly believe in, help an organization to win contracts and receive international grants, like to speak and negotiate for other peoples interest, then a career in international relations might best suite you.

A career in international relations would give you a wide array of opportunities in specialty careers like being a linguist; Language interpreter or translator, journalist, foreign correspondent, political scientist, ambassador/diplomats etc.

This career requires you having analytical skills; being able to analyze situations using all your academic tools, this could also mean being able to read an article and understand what the key points are, organizational skills; ability to prioritize tasks, historical knowledge; having a good understanding of the world politics, events that happened in the past. This is because studying the past (history) offers you a perspective of the present, helps you to understand international issues. You also need the skill to communicate, write well and speak foreign languages.

A popular organization that demonstrates international relations is the United Nations. The United Nations is an international organization headed by a secretary general, whose central purpose is to maintain international peace and security to foster cooperation in solving international economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems etc. they achieve this by coming up with several agendas computed by people in the various departments in the organization which requires analytical thinking, knowledge and cooperation.

Without International relations a World War III might emerge, we might not be able to travel to other countries, make friends with people from other continents, and have beautiful events like The Olympics and International competitions.

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