Awesome Work Ideas For Teens


This might come as a shock to the teenagers or even the parents who would probably be thinking why should a teenager work?

” Has schooling become unnecessary that we have to start working? Even if we wanted to work, what kind of job can we do, who will employ us, if graduates are complaining about unemployment what then is our fate? Said a 17 year teenager in Iba community, Lagos. “My parent won’t let me work anyway, they said that they would try their best to provide my basic needs” said a 16 year old teenage girl in Magodo area of Lagos.

There are a lot of benefits you stand to gain as a teenager by visiting the world of work early. As a teen, you are transforming to become either a responsible adult or an irresponsible adult. To become a responsible adult, it is important to learn important life skills such as  spending wisely, planning intelligently, prioritizing,time management,  and punctuality. You can get this first hand understand skills by experiencing the world of work at this early stage of their life. You don’t encourage you to stop schooling even as we give you recommendation to start experiencing the world of work. What we recommend is a part-time job which can be done weekends, twice a month, summer holidays etc.

David Beckham who was one of the highest paid footballer, made his son, Brooklyn at the early age of fourteen (14) work at a French café from Friday evening to Sunday evening, so he could learn the value of making money and not become over pampered or two dependent. Even this will help Brooklyn to be a little self-sufficient when he gets to the university or college and not bugging the parents with request all the time.

As you grow older, you develop more skills and get ideas on how to establish your own business and end up maximizing your effort and end up using it as a source of income and become an employer of labour.

We have compiled some work ideas that you can engage in during weekends, mid-term break and summer holidays. In today’s job market, it can be hard for a teenager to find a job. Nevertheless if you’re willing to work, you can find something that’s worth your time and can take advantage of your spare time with these teen job ideas, and make some little cash for your self.

  1. Start a Tutoring Business or Holiday Lesson/CoachingTutoring services are in demand by parents of students that experience difficulties in some topics in school. You should be able to teach a primary school pupil if you are in senior secondary school, and you should be able to teach a  junior secondary school student if you just graduated from  senior secondary school.The charges for tutoring may be difficult to calculate at first, but if you are successful and the child shows a significant improvement, then you may be able to negotiate a higher amount. Start at N500 per hour and work your way up from there. I know a teenager who during the end of session  gathered  about 9 primary school kids and taught them. She charged N1500 per month from each child for a 3 hours session. She’s not only earning an income, she’s also improving developing public speaking skills.
  2. Typing Service You can offer typing services to business owners who have a computer centre with large client base and need more labour to respond to their clients. This would not only help the business owner, but it would also sharpen your typing skills, and increase your knowledge of how a computer centre is run. More so, you don’t have to be perfect in a skill before attempting it, you can always learn on the job.  You can try charging per word or page.
  3. Turn your Craft into Cash    You might consider making crafts and selling them on e-commerce websites  like OLX, even at shops or among your peers – quilts, clothing, fishing, hair, graphic design, woodwork, beads, baked goods, Christmas bits and pieces – are some examples of crafts! If you do not have this skill, you might want to learn it. If you can create it, you can undoubtedly sell it.
  4. Hand Out Flyers For BusinessesLocal businesses sometimes offer money to anyone who is willing to hand out flyers to market their products or services while canvassing large areas where people gather. Yet be very careful where you collect the flyers and where you distribute them. Be conscious of the neigb0urhood and be sure of the person who operate the local business to avoid being a prey to kidnappers or  evil ritualist
  5. Domestic services Many homeowners are willing to pay you to help out with domestic cleaning such as cutting of  grasses/weeds, House cleaning, laundry, babysitting and other other House Chores. With the rendering of these services, you can easily earn extra money. They can also offer occasional specialty cleaning projects such as garages, cars and basements. When performing a specialized cleaning project, the homeowner may wish to get rid of some unwanted items that are still functional and/or have value and you might easily sell them. I actually did this when I was a teenager  for a cousin of mine and earned quite a lot.
  6. Work At School Celebrations Or Eventsvisit your school or a school office whenever there would be an event in the school and offer to work at the school events; there you can even showcase your skill. Even at a wedding ceremony, birthday, political party’s campaign, or any social event.



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