Becoming an Officer in the Arm Force (Senior Ranked Staff)


As a teenager, you cannot escape this question ” What do you want to be when you are a full grown adult?”Friends, teachers, aunts, uncles, parents would always be eager to know what your desire is and what career path is your preference. But then, you need to question your desires and your career preference; why I’m I desiring this career? Do I have a passion for this career path i’m about to venture into? Making choices about our career in life should be connected to the career path that best suites us; we should make choice of a career base on our passion and enthusiasm for the career choice. To gain more knowledge on various career options, keep following our career editions on this blog for more information to be enlightened and guided.

In week edition, we will be focusing on the career of becoming an officer in the Arm officer. So let’s travel into this prestigious career you might want to venture into when you grow up.

When you hear the name arm force the first thing that comes to the mind of most people is “soldier” but note that the arm force is made of three prestigious forces. They include:

The Army The Navy and The Air force


From picture representation of the three arm offices, you would be able to spot the differences between these arm forces; they all have a unique dress code and they perform the same function of the securing their country but through different platforms: Land, Air and Water.

The army, also called “soldier” is an arm force that is based on and responds to terrestrial affairs (land).

The navy is an arm force that is based and responds to aquatic affairs (water).

The Air force is an arm force based on and responds to air affairs.

These arm forces is made up junior ranked staff, and senior ranked staff generally called, officers,this might vary in different countries. The officer cadre which is our focus in this career feature edition, requires higher education in different professional fields in the Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) for Nigerian citizens, and physical attributes to be qualified for the entry.

Before we go further it is important for you to understand who an arm officer is. An officer is a senior staff of the arm forces who is in one of the senior ranked officer hierarchy.

The duty of an arm officer in any of the three categories is to uphold the integrity of his/her country and safeguard both the internal and external security her nation. Officers of Nigerian arm forces  are trained to be selfless to services, disciplined and quick to decisions. They undergo five years of studying and training in an academy called Nigerian Defense Academy NDA to become a regular officer. During these five years, cadets as they are called in the academy are taught to be regimental, tactical in combat, intelligent in strategies and ready for battle in case of internal or external aggression. They undergo these intensive training in the Nigeria Academy.

Officers of the arm forces, swear to uphold and protect lives and properties of their country, they can go any mile to secure peace in their country, this is the very essence of the arm forces. They are trained to combat with enemy of their country.

Imagine a nation without an arm force, do know how in secured and unprotected lives and properties will be? Take Nigeria for example, the main reason why Nigerian is still standing as a sovereign state and giant of Africa is greatly associated to the strength of her arm forces. Without the arm forces our boarders will not be protected, people (immigrants) from other countries will flood our country, crime will increase, there would be lawlessness (anarchy), infiltration of foreign cultures, shortage of food, and there would be no peace. Intruders from other countries (like terrorists) will have access to invade our territories without checks. These are the reasons and many others, why every sovereign state needs trained and qualified officers of the force to stand, instruct, defend and also protect the lives and properties of their country.

A cadre is a small group of trained people who form the basic unit of  a Military

A cadet is a young trainee in the armed services.

You may ponder on what kind of professional course they do in the Nigeria Defense Academy? They do the regular professional courses just like in any Higher Institution in the world.Courses such as Medicine and Surgery, engineering, Mass communication, pilot science and computer sciences etc. You may ask questions like, “what would a doctor or an engineer be doing?” For example, in cases where there’s a sudden attack in a community, people would start to panic in fear and run away. Some people might be injured but would have no one to attend to them and save their lives.  Amazingly,there might be doctors who are not trained as an arm force in the community who would also flee in panic. But with a trained doctor in the arm forces that knows the tactics and strategies of a battle field he is fearless to treat injured soldiers in the attack and wounded people. So also a trained pilot is needed to fly the craft of the air force in case of air battle. A regular pilot would not be able to that because he/she have not been trained to be a pilot that can battle on air with the enemy of a nation.

Being an officer in the various arm forces, army, navy or the air force is great pride that attracts respect, prestige and power, because you are standing as a physical defender to citizens in a nation with a high level of discipline.

Does this career profession interests you? *winks*and perhaps you  have the dream of becoming a military officer of your country? Do you wish to protect lives and properties in your country then it is required of you to pass through primary school, secondary school (high school) with good grades to qualify for entry into the military academy, you also can be an office by attaining a B.Sc. to qualification for short service officer cadre.

For more details on how to become an officer in the arm forces and discover other various career paths that might best suite you, click on this link




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