The Nigeria Women Association of Georgia (NWAG)  a nonprofit, community focused and service oriented organization based in Atlanta, Georgia plans to award scholarships to 37 female undergraduates in Nigeria University or tertiary institutions in 2017. The allocation of the scholarships which is one per state of origin, Federal Capital Territory (FCT inclusive) with a staggering amount of $200 each ( Naira equivalent), which is only eligible to Nigerian female undergraduates students in Nigeria university or tertiary institutions ( polytechnics or colleges of education).

Prospective applicants who are interested are advised to visit NWAG website at http://www.nwag.org/ to download the application form. Submission of application form closes on or before May 31, 2017 and must be completed with the following documents:

  • Proof of state of origin – Letter of origination from the university or a letter from your local government office.
  • Two letters of recommendation from any two of the following: Church Pastor/Mosque Imam, Village Head, Local Government Chairperson or One of your lecturers.
  • I letter of recommendation from either the Dean of your Faculty / School or Your Head of Department.
  • Photocopy of your current university student identification card
  • A current photograph of yourself
  • An explanation of why you need and should receive the scholarship – (not more than one – half typed page)
  • A type-written, double spaced, two-page essay on ;“Women are marginalized in leadership positions in Nigeria. Position yourself as a woman activist and propose how you can advocate for women rights in government positions, challenge early/child marriage, and gender discrimination.”

 Please note that application process is free! Do not transfer money to any acclaimed certified agent nor include money in your application.

You can be that very lucky awardee from your state….. Visit and Apply Now!!!

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