Steven Udotong

Steven Udotong a 16 year old teenage Nigerian American from Cinnamison High School in Suburban New Jersey town break the odds by been the first black student to build a Nuclear Reactor. Steven grew curious after a chemistry class on nuclear energy in 2015, and decided to do more research and soon learned that he could actually make a Nuclear Fusor.

Nuclear energy is an alternative energy source to fossil fuels — one that generally causes less harm to the environment. The waste produced by nuclear energy can be buried underground in safe containers, whereas fossil fuels emit harmful gases into the atmosphere when burned. Since 1976, nuclear energy has prevented the dissemination of more than 60 billion tons of greenhouse gases. Steven believes that switching over to nuclear power will significantly diminish the human race’s negative environmental impact.

I’m motivated knowing I’m proof that there are many ways for minorities to pursue success. Sports and music are not the only avenues for us. There’s room for us. Rather, there’s a need for us to participate in academia, business, art, law, medicine, and, yes, nuclear energy. I hope this project will become an example of academic excellence as a vehicle of accomplishment for Black students.

A nuclear fusor uses electricity to heat charged atoms to a point where nuclear fusion can occur. This happens when lighter nuclei are combined to become heavier nuclei, releasing a large amount of nuclear energy in the process. The Nuclear fusor innovation by this young teenage boy is to help inspire a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future for us all.

Nuclear energy isn’t as harmful to the environment as fossil fuels and it isn’t dependent on the weather like Solar or Wind energy.

Steven Udotong, 2nd from the left

Steven raised $2,125 of %1500 goal by 98 people in 4 months through a gofundme platform to support this project. He has finished building the fusor’s vacuum chamber, which allows for the installation of a pressure sensor and neutron detector. He’s currently working on another generosity campaign and his goal is to raise $750 in order to get the rest supplies needed for the reactor.

We would like to give a big shout out to the chemistry teacher who was able to spark the curiosity of Steven in the Nuclear Energy class.


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