Software engineering

I’m sure there’s no week that goes by without you playing games on play station, Candy crush, or temple run. Exciting games isn’t it? I’m sure if you had your way, you will spend all day in the week trying to get to a higher level and beat an high score in the game. These games are thrilling, engaging and fun. Can you think of other games you play on the computer, tablets or mobile phones? There are a lot isn’t it? Have you ever wondered how these games were created for your fun engagement? Can you also imagine the number of teenagers around the world playing these same games you enjoy? Yes these games were created. How? They were created by the use of codes and programs. Codes are a set of symbols for representing something, they can also be called instructions. For example 0110 might be a code that means “Jump” While a program is the combination of codes or instructions that completes the story of an action or instruction. For example, to start a computer, there are certain codes (Symbols) compiled, that when you follow the instruction of switching on a computer, by clicking on the power button, the computer comes on. So also games and the various levels in a games are created. These are generally called Software; which  can also be called software games. The codes or set of instructions  technically called data are electronically stored. We can technically define a software as computer instructions or data, anything that can be stored electronically. The hardware is where we store a software. You can touch a hardware, but you can not touch a software.

Aside from  games software, there are other soft wares, examples include antivirus soft ware, microsoft, facebook, mozilla firefox, adobe and various app (application) you see on your mobile devices  and computer devices are softwares.

Softwares were created to make life easy for us, to save time and energy, to solve problems. Imagine you had an important project from school which you typed and save on your computer. You had to present it in school the following day, but discovered some silly virus had  infected and corrupted it and then all the time, effort and energy spent on the project is all wasted. painful isn’t it? But with an antivirus software installed on your device it would protect your file from getting infected. Problem solved!

Maybe you should start thinking of relieving your teachers in school the stress and time consumption of having to compile students attendance in school and class at the end of the term by creating a software  that would probably help in compiling the list easily and quick at the end of the term.

With the advent of software development and engineering, we can now shop online, make an order at odd hours like 1 am midnight even have it delivered as early as 6 am. Software development and engineering has helped in meeting human needs.

The people who carry out these roles and responsibilities are software developers or software engineers. Software engineers design and guide the development of programs that computers use to make life a little easier for the rest of us.

Software engineering is the process of analyzing user needs and designing, constructing and testing end user applications that will satisfy these needs through the use of software programming languages.

What do we mean by end users? End users is you and I, individuals who use the product after it has been fully developed and marketed.

According to the CNN money magazines report 2006, the number of software engineering jobs is expected to grow by 46% in the next ten years. This report is actually true as you can observe the high demand of software developers in the world today. It is 2017, 10 years and few months now from 2006 when the report was released

Software engineering curricula typically require a foundation in programming fundamentals and basic computer science theory.  

As a software engineer, you will be required to build softwares that is useful and satisfy a customer requirement. Remember it  is all about meeting the need and solving the problems of customers, assessing customers needs by developing softwares to meet those needs. Thinking of Bill Gates and how he created microsoft word components of a whole microsoft package, we can now type with different features, choice of colours, fonts etc. and save them. We couldn’t do that with a typewriter. If you are observant, you would notice that at times, you find new smiley, emojis on whatsapp app and new features like whatsapp videos (remember there was no video feature on whatsapp) these improvements and  updates are the application of software engineering. The reason why you constantly see notification to update an app on your device is because software engineers are constantly in search for ways to improve services to satisfy you and I.

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