How to Be a Scholarship Recipient

Thinking about scholarship?
When starting to explore scholarship opportunities, becoming an awardee often times is not as arduous as we perceive it to be. The difficult task and hurdle we face are majorly on how to go about it.
A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education.
Scholarships are offered to students who exhibits unique competence in different fields of study or abilities. Becoming an awardee for a  scholarship will help you to eradicate any form of limitations in educational and career goals and reduce financial concerns. Also, coupled with enhancing your resume and making you an attractive job candidate.
7 Things to do to become a scholarship recipient
1. Know the criteria of the scholarship offered
The most common criteria employed in selecting prospective candidates for scholarships are :
✓ Students academic record
✓Artistic or athletic abilities
✓Student-specific scholarship: Prospective applicants must initially qualify based upon gender, race ,religion or nationality.
✓Career-specific scholarship: The college or university award to students who plan to pursue a specific field of study.
✓Brand scholarship: Scholarship sponsored by a brand in order to make awareness and promote their products.
✓Contest Scholarship: These scholarship are awarded to based on a creative submission e.g NWAG Scholarship
2.  Acquaint yourself with scholarship sources
 Be careful to make sure that scholarship offers are legitimate and remember that you don’t have to pay to apply for scholarships, that is you must avoid scams. You can get to inquire about available scholarships from us particularly or from the following media
✓Online scholarship search engines
✓Financial aid office at a college or career school
✓Federal agencies
✓State grant agency
✓Public organizations e.g NNPC
✓Foundations, religious or community organizations
✓Professional associations
✓Multinational corporations e.g Chevron
✓Guidance and counselling unit in your school
  3. Stay informed
It is vital to be in the know of scholarship updates as mostly of the scholarship openings are done annually and gather all necessary documents you will be in need of for processing.
  4. Be Prepared
 You must be adequately ready as each scholarships as it’s requirements, some have to do with essay writing (avoid plagiarism), others have to do with aptitude tests and general knowledge questions. Be sure to read carefully the mode of application
   5.  Have your credentials ready
Take a peep in to what the donor  offering the scholarship requested for in their last scholarship opening and prepare ahead in getting those documents ready. Don’t try to submit false information or exaggerated qualities.
6. Adhere strictly to the requirements
Each scholarship has its own requirements, the scholarship’s website or advert will give you an idea of who qualifies for the scholarship and guidelines to follow on how to apply.
7.  Meet the application deadline
 Applying for scholarships will only hinge on the deadline given by the donor. However, if you’ve missed that window, don’t give up! There are still other scholarship information which you can still apply for – Just keep searching!
Regardless of whether you excel in academics , you will be able to find several scholarship that work for you based on the criterion-reference of the donor. You can subscribe to some of the scholarship website here or speak to us directly to stay informed.

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