Fashion Friday

Hey Teens,welcome to another Friday Fashion Article where u get fashion tips to help u rock your weekend!
    This week we are analyzing *drum rolls* “The Denim Jacket” This piece  has a similar history with the dungarees which we discussed in  our previous article. They were both work clothes but in the 1990’s the denim jackets moved on to conquer the western wear as it caught the eye of Cowboys because of its manly aura and ability to withstand dusty trails. After the cowboy era faded, the denim jacket remained popular and also a fashionable way of channeling the cool western Cowboys.
But, this piece wasn’t just for Americans feeling nostalgic about their cowboy roots, it went on to become a symbol of rebellion it’s been loved by beat Poets and Hip Hop idols like 2pac etc. denim jackets are cool,classic and appealing, they have been trending for over 130 years now lol “Wow” I know right. 
The Denim jacket is a very easy piece to style, just pick a clean outfit and throw on a denim over it, it has a simple look and trust me u will not look too dressed up. Now people find it very hard to  buy a denim jacket. Well first and foremost when buying a denim jacket ensure that it has a good fit and nice collar and blue preferably.
Most importantly, while buying a denim jacket the most important thing to think about are the clothes in your closet, if you get a denim Jacket you would want to wear it a lot (Lol speaking from experience) so I’d advise you to go for a denim jacket that goes with many of your clothes. So get yourself a denim jacket and rock your weekend!!! 

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