Flight Attendants/Air Hostess

If you are like me that admire those beautiful ladies in formfitting uniforms with white gloves, high heels, gracious smile, amazing body posture, and body carriage with smart look who take care of airline passengers on an international or domestic flight then you might be interested in this career profession. If traveling around the world is something you have on your bucket list, and lodging in 5-star hotels with mouth watering meals. If you also like to relate with people of different culture and background and you are very much interested in making people comfortable while on a long air trip then you might be interested in a career as a flight Attendant, because the  job description and work conditions and environment offers this opportunity. Nothing offers us job satisfaction in our careers like when we are so in love with our jobs and we are happy doing it. These beautiful and smart looking ladies are professionally called flight attendants, air hostess, Airline stewardess, Stewardess, Cabin crew members,  or in-flight crew members

A flight attendant is someone whose primary duty is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during an airline flight. They are part of the cabin crew for the plane, a team of personnel who operate a commercial, business or even military aircraft while traveling domestically or internationally.

Flight attendants are specially trained for the aircraft in which they work, since passenger safety is their foremost. They are also trained on excellent customer service since they would be serving as ushers, and receptionist to the passengers on board.

One hour before any  flight,  flight attendants are briefed by their captain, i.e the pilot, Weather conditions, possible turbulence, flight duration, and other factors that may affect the upcoming flight are discussed in detail. They are also briefed on safety details and emergency equipment supplies relevant to the aircraft they will be flying. A list of passengers is verified and attendants are notified if any special needs passengers, small children, or VIPs will be boarding the flight. Flight attendants are expected to pay close attention to details. Choosing a career as a flight attendant would require you to pay close attention to every minute details, instructions and follow them.

After the briefing by the captain of the aircraft, flight attendants inspect the aircraft, ensuring the safety equipment is in place and working properly. If a piece of equipment, such as a fire extinguisher, is found  not serviceable, flight attendants must replace the item prior to takeoff. Once passengers are called to board, flight attendants assist with the boarding process. They aid any special needs passengers, children, or VIPs to ensure they receive the proper care while boarding. Tickets and seating positions are verified, and attendants check for both accuracy and possible fraudulent or stolen tickets. Attendants also monitor passengers; they are trained to detect suspicious behaviour and evidence of malicious intent, to prevent hijacking or terrorism. In addition, they help passengers load carry-on baggage, checking that each adheres to aircraft or airline size and weight restrictions. Yes, every aircraft/airline have weight restrictions. This is the reason why it is not every baggage that comes with a passenger plane. Some have to come through a ship or a cargo plane specifically designed for heavy loads purpose

Flight attendants are also responsible for briefing the passengers on safety standards specific to the aircraft in a safety demonstration. This would require you to develop the ability to communicate effectively by taking  English classes seriously. Learning other languages asides English language is also an advantage and would give you a edge, because of your ability to communicate with more people. Passengers are made aware of how to locate their nearest emergency exit, how to properly buckle their safety belts, what to do in the event of turbulence, how to operate safety vests or flotation devices, and how to use the drop-down oxygen masks. In some cases, passengers will watch a short video covering this information while the flight attendant monitors their behaviour. After the safety demonstration, attendants secure the cabin, making sure electronic devices and cell phones are turned off, carry-ons are stowed correctly, seats are in an upright position, and tray tables are stowed. The entire procedure, from boarding to takeoff, is known as pre take off service.

After the plane is safely in the air, flight attendants check for passenger comfort. They deliver headphones or pillows to passengers who request them and serve food or drinks. In addition to serving the customers, flight attendants must conduct regular safety checks and listen for unusual noises. Once the plane begins its descent, attendants must ensure all trash has been removed from the cabin and seats are in their correct positions before performing a final safety check. After landing, attendants assist passengers in safely deplaning the aircraft.

To become a flight attendant you would need to be trained by the company hiring you, to be able to handle adverse situation and capable of maintaining a calm attitude during emergencies so that you can control and help others efficiently. You would be required to go to an aviation school and get trained for 8 weeks. Having a diploma or a degree in hotel management or tourism and hospitality is also likely to give you an edge in this career field.

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