A Career in Digital Art

Cinderella, Snow white, Avatar, Tom & Jerry, Naruto, Astroboy, Samurai Jack, Jimmy Neutron, Elsa and Anna Frozen and  other amazing characters from animation studios, are characters we wish they exist because at times these characters have certain qualities we want in our friends, amazing beauty, flawless, graceful, courageous, intelligence, hilarious, brave etc. Ever pondered on how these character were created? Hmmm, just like man, we were created by God with dust. Amazing isn’t it? It might never really have occured to you that God is a great artist. The greatest artist if i’m to rate Him, because I’ve not seen any human artist create a human with dust material and fix all the complex system and organ in the human body. Humans also have same instincts and some abilities God has. Some humans have the ability to creature by drawing through imagination. Now this is pure art, also known as the traditional art. On the other hand, digital art is a technological advancement of pure art. It has to do with the use of technology and innovation to advance the traditional art work and make the creation of  an art piece faster. The difference between traditional (pure) art and digital art is just the technology and innovation applied to the latter. Innovation is simply ways of doing and making things a lot better. Technology is one of the products of innovation. Some of the technology  used in digital art include, Gimp, Blender, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc. Digital or multimedia artists use technology to make their artwork come alive. In addition to traditional art techniques, such as drawing and sculpture, digital artists use computer software to create 3-D animation, interactive website graphics, or digitally enhanced photographs. They may also develop storyboards for animation scenes and edit animation effects. Digital artists typically work in motion pictures, software publishing, and advertising firms.

But then, you might have a question troubling you on how these characters walk, jump, fly, dance, speak in movies, advertisements etc This is achieved through the use of animation.

Asides it;s application in motion pictures, advertisements etc. Digital art is also applied in the field of literature. Most  comic stories are better explained through the action and state of the characters which could include their facial expression, what they wear, the state of the environment. These comic characters and story set are developed by digital artists. Digital artists are also called Illustrators.

Digital artists, also known as multimedia artists, create animated images and visual effects for computer games, films, television productions, and other related media.

If you have a flare for drawing and you have the artistic ability to draw, you may want to get yourself a sketch board and book, sharpened pencils, sharpeners, clean erasers and start practicing by perfecting your skills. That is a gallant step to take. In the process of doing this, you can enroll in an after school tutorial session to learn about using digital art soft wares and tools to modify your artworks. You can also begin to illustrate for your classmates that have a story, create your own story, use your illustration to send a message to people ” End Girl Child Marriage, Love Humanity, Support Biodiversity etc.”

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