April 18th: World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day is an event marked globally 18th of April of every year to celebrate international monuments and sites. The theme for this year’s Heritage Day is “Sustainable Tourism” This will allow communities to celebrate the positive impact of sustainable tourism, how it can  empower communities and educate visitors

Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove

World Heritage Day is all about raising awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving sites around the world that have achieved heritage status.

A world heritage site is a landmark or area which has been official recognized by  UNESCO. Sites are selected on the basis of having cultural, historical, scientific or some other form of significance and they are legally protected by International treaties

World Heritage sites are officially recognised by the UN and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO. UNESCO believes that the sites classified as World Heritage are important for humanity, and they hold cultural and physical significance.

Sukur cultural landscape Adamawa Nigeria

There are 1,052 World Heritage Sites globally.Of these, 814 are cultural, 203 are natural and 35 are mixed.

55 of these are in danger, including the birthplace of Jesus, Church of the Nativity and Pilgrimage Route in Bethlehem.

This day also seeks to raise awareness of the challenges involved in protecting World Heritage Sites.




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