April 28th: World Day For Safety and Health at Work

Throughout histories and centuries , the agitations of the world has not changed.
 ‘Give us a Fair conditions at work’
With respect to this , the International labour organisation holds the World day for safety and health at work annually  as a campaign to promote safe , healthy and decent work environment , this simply means a working environment that promotes the rights of workers and these rights are to be respected at all levels .
The theme for the 2017 World Day for Safety and Health at Work is: “Optimize the collection and use of OSH data”. OSH is an acronym that stands for  Occupational Safety and Health
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The world day for safety and health at work is prioritized towards Prevention of occupational hazards which results to the deaths of 6300 people daily. This in turn has an adverse effect at all levels ranging from the individual to the economy of the country .

Source: International Labour Organization, oxford journals
Image Credit: Pinterest, awareness days UK

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