2017 Scholarship in Virginia International University (VIU) USA


Fall- May 12th 2017

Spring- October 6th 2017

Virginia International University (VIU) offers a unique opportunity to acquire an excellent, multi-disciplinary education at an affordable cost by offering  students access to scholarships. VIU has been attracting individuals who take their VIU experiences into their own cultures, share their knowledge with future generations, and launch successful careers. Thus, there are several different types of scholarships available based on exemplary personal skills, academic achievement, extracurricular participation, on-campus work, and residency.


Prospective students have the chance to apply for scholarships during their application process for admission to VIU.

Students must apply for admission to Virginia International University, or be currently enrolled as full-time students, before they can be eligible to apply for any scholarship.

How to apply?

To apply for a scholarship, students must follow these steps:

  1. New students: Apply for admissions at VIU
  2. Browse the scholarship opportunities
  3. Choose up to two types of scholarship
  4. Review the requirements for the scholarship application
  5. Apply online (applicant portal or student portal)
  6. Upload your documents via applicant portal or student portal.

Once the application form and all the supporting documents are received, students will receive a confirmation email.

Document Submission:
All submissions must be scanned, color copies of the original document. Samples of these documents may include transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and test scores. Photocopies are NOT considered acceptable documentation. If any document is issued in the applicants’ native language, they must provide both the original document and a translation of the document in English. Translated documents must be notarized. VIU has the right to request original documentation. Submission of fabricated or false documents will result in disqualification from future scholarship application.

For more information visit the university website here http://www.viu.edu/students/finance/scholarships.html . You can contact us on our email address teenafricaacademy@gmail.com for assistance in application.

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