First Class Tutor


First Class Tutor provides in-home tutoring services to students of all ages and levels. With first class tutor you will be able to focus on your child’s problem areas academically and have it solved with our innovative system.

Our home tutoring service is dedicated to

  • Meeting every child’s learning needs
  • Helping every child get through school homework
  • Getting every child through difficult topics
  • Helping every child with study skills, time management and organisation

Our service comes with

  • Free academic progress weekly and monthly reports that can help support your child
  • Customized lesson plan to address the goals for the child
  • Quarterly assessment to examine your child’s learning strengths, weaknesses and learning styles

There are lots of benefits in engaging your child in our home tutoring service

  • We offer free home tutoring service for a child for the first month of registering with us
  • We place your child on our career development program for free for the first month of registering with us

With our strict and thorough tutor hiring procedure, we have highly qualified tutors to help you with the academic goals for your child.

In First class tutor we assure to build confidence in your child so they can confront any subject, topic, examination and competition with courage.

No matter how difficult a topic, tasking a homework and school projects can be, we would help your child get through it.