Ribbon Events


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In Ribbon events, we help in coordinating, planning, managing and organizing your events.

It is our responsibility to bring your needs to your doorstep.

We relief you of the stress of thinking of how to go about your event while you focus on your primary duties.

We deliver world-class, creative and an excellent service.

Our service includes

  1. Inter and Intra school events and activities such as;
  • Speech competition
  • School Christmas carol and concert/party
  • High school prom night
  • Valedictory/graduation ceremony
  • Sports events and so much more
  1. Birthday celebration
  • Individual Birthday Party: this is a birthday party planned and designed for one or two celebrants from the same family
  • Mass Birthday Party: this is a birthday party planned and designed for a minimum of 3 celebrants and a maximum of 5 celebrants; which is usually from different families. Our organizational pattern is efficient and does not bring any form of confusion.
  • Super Sweet 16 Birthday Party: our super sweet 16 birthday party is usually a mass glorious birthday party with a maximum of 7 celebrants and minimum of 3 celebrants.

We do not only plan, organize, co-ordinate and manage your event, we also

  • Train participants involved in the activities that make up an event; such as cultural dance, drama, school choir presentation and others
  • Manage the resources needed to give your event that colour

How we operate

We meet with our clients to tell us how they would like the event to be, while we go on with the execution, management and a touch of our creative ideas to spice up the event.

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Let’s give your event that world-class touch and let your guests have a mind blowing and an unforgettable experience at your event. Hire us today!