Teen Africa Career Leap (TACL)

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The Teen Africa Career Leap (TACL) is an arm of Teen Africa Academy (TAA). It is a career development scheme, where our members are placed on a program in partnership with their schools, parents, guardians, non-governmental organizations, orphanage homes and religious institutions they belong to.

According to the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) career development contributes to lifelong learning, social equity and labour market development. Career development deserves a priority in education systems across the country. The problem is not lack of effective tools and resources. It is lack of awareness and insufficient priority on students’ career development. We have taken up the exclusive responsibility at national level for the management and provision of career and labour market related information, career guidance and development and counselling services.

Studies have shown that young people leaving school without a defined career path are likely to face long term disadvantage by; having higher levels of unemployment, part time and casual work lives, lowered incomes, increased probability of finding themselves in jobs with poorer working conditions and fewer opportunities for advancement.  The future mindedness cultivated through career development can play a key role in promoting students motivation, achievement and answer the perennial question “Why do I need to learn this?” The premise is that students who grasp the relevance of what they are learning become motivated to work harder in the right direction and then we have better prepared students exiting secondary school to meet the challenge of the ever increasing demands of a globally connected technological advanced society.

The aim of this scheme is to guide our members who are in their teenage years known to be a foundational and preparatory phase of their lives to make informed, realistic and deliberate decisions about their learning and career paths also to help them understand the wide range of possible careers.

The objective of this program includes

  • To help our members discover and determine their unique career path
  • To educate our members on what is required to begin a successful career path
  • To guide our members through the steps on getting to the apogee of discovered and chosen career path
  • To build foundational career management skills
  • To develop intentional career plan
  • To educate our members on a wide range of various career options
  • To access information on learning and career paths that link for articulated purposes
  • To know where and how to access career development throughout their lives
  • To find learning and work opportunities by making informed career and learning decisions